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==Office Locations & Contacts==
==Office Locations & Contacts==
;Tribunal de Premire Instance de Djibouti.  
'''Tribunal de Premire Instance de Djibouti. '''
Ministre de la Justice (Ministry of Justice and Religious Affairs)
Ministre de la Justice (Ministry of Justice and Religious Affairs)

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1.Applicants start by identifying a child that suits their requirements. In this case, the applicant looks around in Djibouti (it could be either in orphanages or childrens homes) to find out the child that meets what they require;

2.When the right child that meets requirements of the adoptive parents is identified, the applicant then prepares a letter of request to the President of Tribunal de Premire Instance. The letter of request must be requesting the court to open an adoption case on behalf of the applicant to proceed with adoption of the identified child; The letter of adoption should be accompanied with the all the required documents;

3.When documents are received, the court assesses and examines documents to verify whether all the necessary legal conditions for the adoption in question have been met; and also to verify whether the adoption is in the best interest of the child. At this stage, in the process of assessing documents, the court may carry out investigation or may request for additional documents apart from the earlier submitted. When investigation is necessary, the court clerk forwards submitted documents to the police to enable it carryout the investigation;

4.When documents are approved, a three (3) month appeal period is given before final decision is made. This period of time is given to allow either the birth parents or adoptive parents revert their decisions if they decide to change their earlier decisions. The birth parents may wish to reclaim their parental rights or the adoptive parents may decide not to go through with the adoption;

5.When the given appeal period elapses and if no appeal is received from either biological or adoptive parents, the adoptive parents then submit a request to the court to proceed the adoption process;

6.When the letter of request from adoptive parents is received, the court then fixes date for the case hearing;

7.During the court hearing, the judge makes a decision which either allows or rejects adoption. If the judge allows adoption, court grants a delegation of parental authority, which technically shifts parental rights from birth parents to adoptive parents;

8.When court decision is made, a period of two (2) months is given to allow for any changes in the decision of the biological parents. This period is given to allow them reclaim their child if they wish not to give away child any more. During this period of time, the adoptive parents if residents or if they plan to stay for some time in Djibouti, they are temporarily granted custody over the child and the child may be allowed to stay with them;

9.When the period elapses and the biological parents have not reclaimed child, the adoptive parents the adoptive parents then submit a request to the court finalize the adoption process;

10.When request is received, a court hearing date is set and during the court hearing, a final decision is made to grant adoption;

11.Thereafter an additional two months is given to allow any other relative or Public Ministry (Office of District Attorney) who think the adoption shall affect the child submit their objection to the adoption, and in this case they must have evidence;

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Required Documents[edit]

1.A police clearance (indicating no arrest record);

2.A home study report;

3.Proof of adequate financial means and stability (last 3 pay slips, tax return, etc.).

4.Identification documents of the Birth parents (if known)

5.Childs birth certificate

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Tribunal de Premire Instance de Djibouti.

Ministre de la Justice (Ministry of Justice and Religious Affairs)

B.P. 12, Djibouti

Rpublique de Djibouti

Telephone No.: +253 351506

Fax: +253 354012

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Prospective Adoptive Parents must be at least twenty five (25) years of age and must be at least fifteen (15) years older than the child to be adopted.


1.All procedures undertaken by the court (Adoption Authority) are free of charge.

2.Prospective adoptive parents however are expected to pay for any/all required medical examination fees for the child, as well as for their own travel expenses.


1.Full Adoption (Adoption plnire) Valid forever

2.Adoption Simple Revocable

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

The time varies basing on a number of factors. It may take a year or more from the time the adoption application is submitted to the Tribunal de Premire Instance until the adoptive parents receive the final documents

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1.An applicant must ensure that the adoptive parents must meet the age requirement;

2.The prospective adoptive parent(s) must also be morally and physically sound;

3.An adoptive parent who is related to the child, needs at least twenty one (21) years;

4.Birth parents or any surviving relatives must agree to the adoption;

5.The birth parents or any surviving relative of the child (if known) must appear before court and sign a consent document;

6.Court may either reject or accept adoption;

7.Court may order the adoptive parents not to break the child's bonds with its biological family;

8.Adoption decisions are made during public hearings;

9.Any decision made by court may be appealed in court;

Required Information[edit]

1.Name of applicant(s) / prospective adoptive parent(s)

2.Contact and physical address of applicant(s) / prospective adoptive parent(s)

3.Sex, age and marital status of applicant(s) / prospective adoptive parent(s)

4.Details of an identified child to be adopted

5.Personal and family status of the applicant(s) / prospective adoptive parent(s)

6.Medical situation of applicant(s) / prospective adoptive parent(s)

7.Financial capacity of applicant(s) / prospective adoptive parent(s)

8.Details of biological parents / surviving relatives / guardians of the child to be adopted

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Need for the Document[edit]

Adoption is refers to a process of transferring parental rights from biological parent to prospective adoptive parents. It involves creating a lawful and everlasting relationship between an adopted child and the prospective adoptive parents. The authority responsible for controlling adoptions in Djibouti is the Tribunal de Premire Instance de Djibouti under the Ministry of Justice

Information which might help[edit]

1.In cases where an identified child is abandoned child with unknown parents, the processes of adoptions are the same but instead when the adoptive parents submit a letter of request to court, court orders police to carry out an investigation to try to search for the biological parents of the child and if not found, court proceeds with the court case;

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

  • Adoption give hope to neglected, abandoned and hopeless children; Through adoption, a child is able to get what the biological parent was not able to provide;
  • It marks a beginning of new life and family for both prospective adoptive parent(s) and the adopted child;

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