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Student loan - Banks:

  1. The borrower/co-borrower must gather all documents they may need to present or submit to the bank to apply for a loan.
  2. Complete an application, make sure that you have provided all the required information in the form. Most forms can be downloaded from the bank's website.
  3. Submitting an application:
    1. In person: Most loan applications are done in person, with the applicant or his/her guardian going to the bank, you may set up an appointment with the bank by giving them a ring. Submit the completed application form along with other required documents. Note: Banks may ask you to submit additional documents aside from the ones listed on the 'Required documents' section. It will be better if you can get in touch with the bank's representative/lending officer/customer service by phone first before you go to the bank's branch. They can give you a checklist of required documents, answer some of your queries and direct you to the nearest branch of the bank in your area.
    2. Online: To save you some time, you may also check if you can start your loan application online. Some banks will ask applicants to complete a preliminary application to be submitted electronically, with some of the required documents sent via email. After reviewing the application, a lending officer will contact you to discuss your application.
  4. Once your application is approved, the bank will ask you and/or your co-borrower to sign the loan agreement. Note: Read the loan agreement carefully before you sign, take note of the interest rate, grace period, when you will start repaying the loan and any penalties in case of default.


Required Documents[edit]

Some of the documents that a bank might ask applicants to submit or present:

  • Completed application form
  • Identification of borrower, guarantor and student
  • Proof that the student is enrolled in a university/college

Note: The bank may ask you to present additional documents, check the bank's website first before going to their branch office to apply for a loan.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

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Full-time university students and customers (of the bank) on regular monthly income who are enrolled in university/college may apply for a student loan.

Eligibility criteria may vary per bank.


Some banks charges management and monthly service fee. The management can cost around 2% of the approved loan amount.


You may obtain a student loan with tenor lasting up to 10 years (grace period of up to 54 months included).

During the grace period, repayment of interest calculated on the drawn loan portion/after expiry of the grace period.

The loan can be repaid through a salary pledge order, standing order, or in cash at the bank's branches.

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Processing Time[edit]

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Student loan - Banks:

Applicants may borrow an amount that can help cover tuition fees or registration fees for the duration of the full-time course of studies.

Disbursement of funds: The annual tuition fees will be paid to the account of the college/university; based on the certificate of enrollment for the respective full-time course.

The bank may ask borrowers to issue security instruments:

  • Pledge on the borrowers future salaries
  • 2 promissory notes
  • Insurance package the package depends on the loan amount, the company of the borrower's employment, type of work agreement and business relation with the Bank.

For students who are not employed: You may be required by the bank to bring in a co-borrower or a cash deposit, as well as an Insurance Package in both cases.

Instead of a pledge on future salaries (or pension benefits) the bank may also accept a standing order.

Borrowers whose employers do not approve salary pledges can provide an alternative security instrument in the form of a standing order to the bank, alongside a statement on pledge of future salaries. The alternative security instrument for guarantors is a blank signed standing order agreement with the lending bank or another bank and a pledge of future salaries statement.


  • In this case, the salary pledge statement must be verified by notary public or a municipal body.
  • For borrowers whose employers do approve salary pledges, but they nevertheless want to repay the loan through a standing order: A standing order with the lending bank or a standing order agreement with another bank and a blank signed statement of pledge on future salaries.
  • Any co-borrower must deliver a promissory note, salary pledge statement and standing order as well.

Life Insurance Policy: The life insurance policy with Uniqa osiguranje, pledged in favour of the Bank, as well as a promissory note is an alternative security instrument that can replace all other security instruments. This option is only available to customers who provide the bank with a life insurance policy whose repurchase value at the time of loan application covers the total loan amount. The term of the insurance policy must be one year beyond the loan tenor. The called amount covers the outstanding principal plus interest due; the insurance policy will be called after 90 days past due.

Before applying for a student loan:

  • Make sure that you can present and submit all the required documents that the bank is asking for.
  • Take note of the interest rate, conditions, and repayment scheme that the bank is offering. Look into several banks and do some research regarding the banks application process.
  • You might also need to consider the bank's customer service before you apply for a loan, since student loans are usually long term, it will make transactions easier and can spare you from a lot of headache in the future if your bank has good and accommodating bank representatives or loan officers.
  • It may be helpful if you can ask your university/college if they offer any loans to students or if they have partnered with any banks that offers student financing.
  • Loan amount: You may not need to accept the entire amount of the loan the bank is offering you. Remember that what you are getting is not a grant but a loan, meaning you will need to pay back everything plus interest sometime in the future.

Required Information[edit]

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1. Date of Birth.
2. City or County of Birth.

Need for the Document[edit]

Some banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina offers student loans that can help cover college/university tuition fees.

Student loan schemes are designed to make the student's academic life easier with its interest rate substantially lower than other personal loans offered by the bank and repaying the loan may be deferred while the student is still in school.

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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