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  1. Gather all documents you will need to submit or present in order to register the vehicle.
  2. The vehicle must be brought for physical inspection by the Motor Vehicle Inspector of RSTA during the time of registration.
  3. After registration, you are required to present the vehicle for fitness inspection with the number plate displayed both at the front and the rear, exactly as the RSTA standards prescribes. Note: Slanting/shiny letters/numbers and embossed numbers are not allowed.


Required Documents

Documents that must be submitted/presented in order to register a vehicle:

  • Duly filled in registration application form
  • Original Invoice
  • ID Card copy (the applicant should be 18 years and above)
  • One passport size photograph (recent)
  • Original customs clearance (if purchased from authorized dealer outside Bhutan )
  • Import license /quota (in case of purchase from third country )
  • Original tax clearance receipt
  • Original green Tax receipt
  • Emission certificate Euro 03/Euro 04 compliant

Note: Vehicle must be presented for physical inspection.

Office Locations & Contacts

Head Office
Mongar Region
Thimphu Region
Phuntsholing Region
Gelephu Region
S/jongkhar Region


Only new vehicles can be registered.

Second Hand/used vehicles registered in another country cannot be registered in Bhutan.


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


Once registered, the validity is usually one year which shall require yearly renewal.

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

It can be done in one working day

Related Videos

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You must complete the registration of the vehicle within 15 days from the time it was delivered from the Custom Authority or the authorized dealer. The penalty for exceeding 15 days is Nu. 100 per day.

Required Information

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1. Date of Birth.
2. City or County of Birth.

Need for the Document

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External Links

  • Road Safety and Transport Authority:


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