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By becoming Moderator a user can earn from Wikiprocedure. Following are the guidelines.


Becoming a Moderator

Following are some of the points which would be looked into before a user is made as a Moderator.

  1. The user should be registered with Wikiprocedure.
  2. The user should have been involved with Wikiprocedure by editing procedures and creating new procedures in Wikiprocedure.
  3. The standard of procedures created/edited by the user should be of good quality and similar to the ones present in our website.
  4. A moderator should be responsible in their interaction with other users and with the information which is getting inserted/updated in procedures.
  5. In normal scenarios we would like to have 2 to 3 moderators for a country like England. The number of moderators for a country also depends upon the size of the country, number of states in the country, number of administrative regional divisions and the population.
  6. The idea to have a moderator role is to update/maintain the procedures under a specific region/state/country with latest information by providing latest information to the users and also generating income to the moderator.
  7. A moderator will be provided a 20% share of the revenue which is generated from the adverts displayed in the procedure for which he/she is a moderator.
  8. The decision of elevating a user as a moderator will be finalized by Wikiprocedure Team.

Moderator Tasks

  1. The moderator would be assigned with procedures which has to be maintained, patrolled and updated periodically.
  2. The moderator has to publicize the procedures assigned to him in forums, by answering questions in other websites by referencing our website as a link and also, if possible by word of mouth which internally generate revenue to the moderator and the website by getting more people visit the procedures.
  3. As a moderator the procedures assigned to him\her should be updated with the recent information related to the procedure.e.g. update the office address due to change in office location.

Removing a user from Moderator Group

All the procedures which are assigned to moderators will be scanned and patrolled one in every 3 months. If we find a procedure assigned to a moderator is not been maintained appropriately by following the tasks mentioned under moderator tasks, the procedure will be removed from the moderator.

The procedure which was not maintained/updated accordingly by the moderator will be modified/updated by a Wikiprocedure team member with the interest of the users of Wikiprocedure and an intimation e-mail will be sent to the moderator requesting him to moderate the procedures assigned to him. If the same scenario was repeated again the procedures will be removed from the moderator with the full interest of the users of Wikiprocedure.

The above mentioned criteria will be updated periodically.

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