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Wikiprocedure is designed to collect helpful instructions regarding procedures and processes that we use in daily life. I came up with this idea when I had to apply for a visa to enter a foreign country and had to consult several sources to find out what documents I needed and where to obtain them.

Wikiprocedure is planned as a cooperative effort through which people can help each other navigate bureaucratic and other requirements in different locations. The goal is to create one place where people can turn to for help regarding birth/marriage/death certificates, deeds/titles, and other legal documents. It will include samples of forms that must be filled out and instructions on where the forms can be obtained.

We are working hard to create a useful resource. We would be happy to have volunteers who can edit the information and help to make the website more usable. If possible we would like to make a profit, which will be put into developing more systems/innovations that will make people's lives easier and to explore.

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Any suggestions or complaints are welcomed.

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