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The Authority may de-register or cancel the registration of an aircraft under the following circumstances-

  • Upon application by the registered owner for purposes of registering the aircraft in another state or for any other purpose; or
  • Upon the destruction of the aircraft or its permanent withdrawal from use.
  • The Authority shall, before de-registering an aircraft in accordance with these rules, require the registered owner of the aircraft to-

return the certificate of registration of the aircraft to the Authority.


An applicant for aircraft de-registration shall meet in full the eligibility requirements stated in Regulation of the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Regulations:

An aircraft is eligible for de-registration if it is—

  • Owned or Operated by:
    • A citizen of Ethiopian,
    • An individual citizen of another State who is lawfully admitted for permanent residence in Ethiopia,
    • A corporation lawfully organized and doing business under the laws of Ethiopia and the aircraft is based and primarily used in Ethiopia,

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Aircraft Owners are required to complete an Application for Aircraft cancellation and to de-register their aircraft with the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority,Division Aircraft Registration Unit if the aircraft is based in Ethiopia.

The Registered owner of the aircraft Should-return the certificate of registration of the aircraft to the ECAA Authority.

Required Information

  • Aircraft Number
  • Serial number
  • Year of manufacture
  • Model
  • Manufacturer
  • Aircraft type
  • Horsepower
  • Date aircraft entered Ethiopia
  • Date aircraft was purchased
  • Where the aircraft is usually based .


  • If an aircraft has been permanently withdrawn from use or destroyed then the registered owner must confirm this in writing by completing and signing the relevant part of the Certificate of Registration for the aircraft and returning the document to the Aircraft Registration Section.
  • To remove an aircraft from the Ethiopian Register or to allow re-registration abroad the registered owner of an aircraft should return the current Certificate of Registration to the Aircraft Registration Section completed and signed at the relevant section on the reverse.
  • Both sides of the document can be faxed to the Aircraft Registration Section if the request for de-registration is urgent. If the Certificate of Registration is not available please use the sale notification form.
  • Upon notification the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority will inform the registered owner of cancellation in accordance with Aviation regulation Service Standards.

As a consequence of de-registration, any certiificate of airworthiness or permit to fly in force over the aircraft will be automatically suspended and revoked.

The following are some of the reasons for De-registering an Aircraft.
  • Once an aircraft has been sold the request for de-registration should be made immediately.
  • if the new owner is "unqualified" to hold Ethiopia Registration, "unqualified" generally means where the aircraft is owned by a person or company outside of the Ethiopia.
  • Once an aircraft has been sold to an unqualified person the registration becomes automatically void, whether the ECAA is aware of the sale or not.

Once the aircraft is removed from the Ethiopia Register it can no longer fly displaying its Ethiopian nationality and registration marks. Also, the Ethiopian assigned Transponder Mode S 24-Bit Address must be removed from the aircraft at the time of de-registration.

Failure to do so could result in an unsafe condition occurring on future flights the aircraft might make under its new registration.

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Required Documents

  • Names of the directors of the company owning or leasing the aircraft and their specimen signatures giving authority to de- register and/or Cancel all operations of the aircraft in Ethiopia and indicating who among them has the mandate to transact on their behalf on matters relating to the aircraft registration and/or operation;
  • A certified copy of the lease agreement if the aircraft is on lease with stamp duties paid;
  • A certified copy of the power of attorney from the owner/lessor and the lessee, (both of them);
  • A certified copy of an aircraft current Insurance Certificate; and
  • Proof of payment of the prescribed fees (see Fees Schedule in the Ethiopian CARs).
  • A certified copy of Air Transport Licence (ATL), Air Operating Permit (AOP) or Permit For Non-Commercial Flight (PNCF).


There is no fee for the de-registration of an aircraft unless the Same Day service is requested.


Cancellation is Valid until the new owner registers again.

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Processing Time

Processing takes 90 working Days.

Office Locations & Contacts

Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority
Director General Office

Tel: 251-11 665 0252

Mobile: 251-91-1201266

Fax: 251 11 665 0269


Aviation Regulation Directorate

Tel: 251 11 665 0256

Mobile: 251-91-1208053


Air Navigation Services Directorate

Tel: 251 11 665 0265

Mobile: 251-91-1201267


Air Trafic Services-for over flight permit and landing authorization

Tel: 251 11 665 0271

Mobile: 251-91-1250149

Fax: 251 11 665 0515


Support Service Directorate

Tel: 251 11 665 0258 Mobile: 251-91-1500016

ECAA Aviation Training Center

Tel: 251 11 665 0259


Communication and Public Relation Service

Tel: 251 11 665 0228

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