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You can apply for a student residence permit if your studies in Egypt is to last more than three months, for example if you have been accepted into a degree programme. Note that you can only apply for a student residence permit after you have officially been accepted into a Egypt university.

The university/ will send an acceptance letter for all admitted student once the admission process is completed, you will need that document to apply for a student residence permit. Since a student residence permit is usually granted for one year at a time, you'll need to renew it annually at your local Police station in Egypt.


All foreign student whose studies are to last more than three months need a to apply for a student Resident Permit.

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  • You should apply for a student resident permit in Person.
  • You should have a acceptance letter from the university or institution.

Required Information

  1. Full name and contact details of the student applying for a visa;
  2. Sex
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Details of the enrolling university / institution;
  6. Course details;
  7. Year of admission and duration of course; and
  8. Details and contact address of parents or guardian where the applicant shall be staying in Egypt.


  • The procedure starts when you fill out the "Student Data Form" attached Documentation of acceptance to an approved learning institution like application for admission.
  • and submit it to the Student Service Center (SSC)with a photocopy of your passport at least three months prior to your planned arrival in Egypt in order to have the security approval.

After arriving in Egypt

    • Complete your course registration if you are a full time student and process your payment for the semester.
  • Proceed to the Business Support office in Admin. G-023/G-019, in the New Cairo Campus or their office in the Main bldg. room 424 in the Tahrir campus to get the 'Study Approval Confirmation' form
  • Download the Student Visa Enrollment Certificate Request Form.
  • Submit the Student Visa Enrollment request, which is free of charge, with a copy of your passport *in addition to the 'Study Approval Confirmation' form to the Military/Visa Services Unit, Office of the Registrar between 9am and 2pm in Admin. bldg. room P-041 in the New Cairo Campus
  • One week after your submission of the request, proceed to the Business Support office, to submit the following:
    • Your passport
    • One passport size photo (required)
    • You will also submit the

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Required Documents

The are a number of requirements that are identical for both temporary and permanent residence student visa based on the this category,

  • such as medical report,
  • radiological report,
  • police clearances,
  • parents marriage certificate,
  • Parents death certificate if they passed away
  • divorce certificate, they divorced etc.

The core requirement for this student resident permit / visa application is based on financial proof - a prescribed amount is required to be proven in a few ways in order to obtain this permit resident visa.

The financial requirements differ slightly with regards to temporary residence and permanent residence.


The student visa fee (either LE 62.10 or LE 92.10. You can check with the Business Support Office for more details using the contact information below.


  • It is valid for 3 years

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

Process take 3 months

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Manpower and Immigration

DR. Nahed ElAshry img

Address 3 Youssief Abaas St Nasr City Cairo

Phone no. 22609366 - 22609368 - 22618019

Fax 22618019



Military and Student Visa Services in Cairo

Voice: (20-2) 2615-2440


The Office of Student Affairs in New York

Voice: (212) 730-8800 ext. 24

Fax: (212) 730-1600


Ministry of Manpower and Immigration

DR. Nahed ElAshry

Address 3 Youssief Abaas St Nasr City Cairo

Phone no. 22609366 - 22609368 - 22618019

Fax 22618019



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Information which might help

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate

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