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In recent years a number of citizens from different countries are increasingly choosing to renounce their citizenship.

Taking this step for a Burundian citizen is radical because it is considered irrevocable. Officially the Burundi does not allow dual citizenship,only in exceptional case so when a person wishes to become a citizen of another country, he or she must renounce the Burundian citizenship. This is made clear in the Burundian citizenship oath.

So, once you have pledged allegiance to your new country, you have effectively renounced your Burundi citizenship. However, to make renunciation legal and final, according to the Burundi Department of Immigration Services, you must fulfill the following conditions discussed in the this procedure.


  • Any person, who obtain citizenship in another country, has the right to renounce his/her Burundian citizenship.
  • Those who hold a foreign nationality may, [upon] reaching full age, renounce their Burundian nationality.

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  • The renunciation is addressed to the Minister of Justice. Persons residing abroad can address a declaration of renunciation carrying their authenticated signature to the Minister of Justice by registered letter, along with the documents establishing that they meet the required conditions.
  • The renunciation is recorded in the register of instruments declaring or modifying nationality.
  • The renunciation, Must be duly approved by the Minister of Justice,and does not take effect until after its publication in the Official Bulletin in one of Burundian News papers.

Required Information

  • Fore name and Surname
  • Maiden name
  • Burundian Identity number
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Postal and Residential address
  • Particulars valid Burundian Passport
  • Particulars of foreign citizenship acquired (like country)
  • Reason for wanting to retain your Burundian Citizenship
  • Citizenship
  • Marital status
  • Wife name, date of birth, identity number, date of marriage, Place of marriage, Nationality and Citizenship
  • Father’s and Mother’s name, date of birth, identity number and Citizenship
  • Telephone number with code


  • Submit an application to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in Burundi.
  • The application may be denied if:
    • the applicant has unfulfilled obligations towards the state
    • the applicant has not fulfilled mandatory active military service obligations.
    • You can still appeal to the court the denial of your application.
  • Appear in person before a the minister or consular or diplomatic officer,
  • In a foreign country (normally at a Burundian foreign Embassy or Consulate); and Sign an oath of renunciation.
  • You have to be extremely careful while following all the legal protocols leading up to status finalization. Otherwise you may end up left stateless.
  • Renunciation of your previous citizenship before obtaining your new one could create that dilemma for you.
  • Expatriate living in its simplest form, living in a country other than you own, has been prevalent throughout history.
  • This usually happens among retirees, working abroad, and travelers who extend their vacations beyond the normal few weeks. Expatriate living in this form has become commonplace. There is now even a group of individuals who are serial expatriates.
  • These expatriates spend time ranging from a few months to a few years in one country before moving on to the next country.
  • The reasons an individual would renounce their citizenship . If the country does not allow dual citizenship, and it requires you to make a decision, if you wish to become a citizen of a new country.
  • If your native country does not allow dual citizenship, you will probably find that there are numerous advantages to having such a status.
  • A person having Burundian nationality as a Burundian native who lost it under the old Code of Nationality due to the voluntary acquisition of a foreign nationality can recover it by simple declaration.
  • To recover Burundian nationality, A person must make a declaration before the Minister of Justice.
  • Recovery of Burundian nationality incurs payment of a fee, the amount of which is set by joint order of the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Finance, except in the case of the indigent.
  • The act of recovery must be recorded in the register of instruments declaring or modifying nationality. It does not take effect until after its publication in the Official Bulletin in Burundi Papers.
  • This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim for refugee protection.

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Required Documents

  • Completed application form.
  • Identity document
  • Passport


  • Retain Burundian citizenship - 50,000 CFA
  • Renounce a Citizenship -50,000 CFA


It is valid as long as the you remain a citizen of another Country.

Documents to Use

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Processing Time

The process take between 3- 6 months.

Office Locations & Contacts

Minister of Justice office:

Avenue de justie 21, Bujumbura, Burundi. BP 06

Tel: +257 7899 8888

Fax: +257 78 99 7777


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