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Adoption is the process of transferring parental rights from biological parent to prospective adoptive parents. The process creates a legal and permanent relationship between child and the prospective adoptive parents. In Burundi, the central authority responsible for handling issues of adoption is the Ministry of Solidarity Human Rights and Gender in conjunction with court


In order to adopt a child in Burundi, applicants:-

  • must be thirty (30) years and above and not more than fifty five (55) years;
  • must be at least fifteen (15) years older than the child to be adopted;
  • must be married and lived together for at least five (5) years ;

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1.Applicants must ensure that they meet the marital status and age requirements before applying;

2.Applicants must meet the residence requirement;

3.Make sure that an identified child is eligible to be adopted in Burundi;

4.Upon application and in special cases, age requirements may be waived by the Local High Country Court (Tribunal de Grand Instance) with Jurisdiction over the adoption;

5.Minimum age requirement may not apply if a child to be adopted is of a spouse;

6.Separated, single and unmarried applicants are not eligible to adopt in Burundi;

7.Final adoption orders are issued court;

8.Always carefully read and understand particulars of issued court orders as some orders are issued for guardianship only and not for immigration purposes;

9.Both parents must agree to the adoption and thus give consent;

10.The applicants must be in a good financial stand and possess sufficient material resources to support an adopted child;

11.In Burundi, local adoption is given first priority;

12.Before an intercountry adoption is considered, effort to place a child in Burundi must have failed and thus inter country adoption the only option;

13.Biological parents / any surviving relatives / guardian of a child to be adopted must accept and consent adoption;

14.Adoption order shall be made in respect of a child;

15.Eligible children should be between one (1) year and fifteen (15) years;

16.A child below one (1) year can only be adopted if his / her parents informed government authority and a child was earlier named as abandoned;

17.Children thirteen (13) years and above must consent to the proposed adoption;

18.The required documents must be compiled in French;

19.Applicants must translates all documents that are not in French;

20.Translated documents must be certified

21.Applicants must note that decisions are made in the best interest of the child/children;

22.Submitted adoption consents must be given freely and legally notarized by authorized persons;

Required Information

1.Names of the prospective adoptive parents

2.Present address of the prospective adoptive parents

3.Sex and age of each prospective adoptive parent

4.Marital status of applicants

5.Period of marriage

6.Details of the child to be adopted

7.Personal and family status of the prospective parents

8.Medical situation of each of the prospective adoptive parents

9.Financial capacity of prospective adoptive parents

10.Details of biological parents / surviving relatives / guardians of the child to be adopted


1.To adopt a child in the Burundi, applicants must start by choosing an Accredited Adoption Service Provider. If the applicants stay in Burundi, they should choose a registered social worker, attorney or agency in the country to assist in the adoption process; and if the applicants are not in Burundi, they should select a registered social worker, attorney or agency in their home country;

2.When an adoption service provider is chosen then the applicants must proceed with assessing eligibility. In this case the adoption service provider caries out a home study, he / she visits the home of the applicants and compiles a report about them. Applicants in Burundi should apply to be found eligible only at the Ministry of Solidarity Human Rights and Gender and this is done by submission of application and required documents; while applicants abroad apply to responsible authorities in their home country also by submitting application and required documents. When foreign applicants are found eligible in home country, information through the selected adoption service provider is forwarded to the adoption authority in Burundi, which reviews application to determine whether applicants are also eligible to adopt under Burundi’s law;

3.If found eligible, then the applicants are matched with a child and this case, the central adoption authority in Burundi provides a referral for the child to the applicants to decide whether or not they will be able to meet the needs of an identified child;

4.If the identified child suits the requirements of the applicants and they think they will be able to cater for his / her needs, the applicants abroad must assess eligibility of the identified child to be adopted in home country, Applicants in Burundi are not required to take on this step but after the previous above (14) the proceed to the next below (16);

5.Then thereafter the applicants can proceed with the adoption process in order to be granted custody of a child for the purposes of adoption in Burundi. The process of adoption is as below:

  • Applicants start by finding a lawyer in Burundi who will be assisting in the process of adoption in the country;
  • Prepare all required documents and ensure that those that are not in French are translated and certified as true copies. The documents include required documents for the applicants (adoptive parents) and those of the child / children to be adopted;
  • Submit the documents prepared above to the central adoption authority in Burundi (Ministry of Solidarity Human Rights and Gender)
  • Thereafter the lawyer prepares case for negotiations by the authority. At this stage submitted documents are reviewed to assess eligibility and suitability of both parents and child;
  • After documents have been assessed and both parents and child are eligible, a court order for legal adoption is issued;

6.There after the applicants can take the child home. The applicants in Burundi take the child home but foreign applicants will need to process certain documents before taking the child home for instance apply for a new birth certificate for the child, Burundi passport and immigration visa to home country.

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Required Documents

1.Applicants copies of identification documents;

2.Proof of age for both adoptive parents (Birth certificate);

3.Marriage certificate for the applicants;

4.Proof of residency like utility bills;

5.Police clearance certificates;

6.Medical clearance certificates;

7.Consent of both applicants

8.Consent from child (above thirteen (13) years

9.Consent of biological parents / surviving relatives / guardian of the child (if know);

10.Study home report prepared by an authorized social worker;

11.Proof of financial capacity (tax returns and financial statements)

12.A police abandonment certificate (if a child was declared abandoned);

13.Recommendation from authorized social worker;

14.Motivation letter addressed to the Ministry of Solidarity Human Rights and Gender

15.Approval of adoption and its joined note,

16.Social evaluation report,

17.Psychological evaluation report,


  • Fees vary basing on location of applicants and contracted adoption service provider;
  • Below are estimated (not actual) costs incurred by applicants in USA for adoption in Burundi:
    • Initial Application Phase at an adoption service provider – approximately $5000
    • Home Study Phase – approximately $3000 - $4000
    • Preparation of Dossier Phase – approximately $5750
    • Referral Phase – approximately $2500
    • Court and Visit Phase – approximately $1000 to $1250


Valid forever

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Processing Time

Time varies basing on the time applicants take to complete their dossier paperwork, their preferences and country processes. It takes between fourteen (14) to thirty (30) months.

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of National Solidarity Human Rights and Gender


Multiple ministers’ office:

Avenue ensemble 10, Bujumbura,

BP 08 Burundi.

Telephone No.: +257 7712 2223

Fax: +257 7712 2122


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Other uses of the Document/Certificate

  • Adoption gives hope to the hopeless children;
  • It marks a beginning of new life and family for a child and adoptive parents;
  • It permanently changes status of both the child and adoptive parents;
  • An adopted child is able to receive what he / she could not have / get from biological parents.

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