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Marriage registration refers to officially reporting marriage for purposes of recognition. A marriage in Burundi can either be registered through civil or religious procedures and when a marriage is registered, a marriage certificate is issued as proof of marriage. It is a legal document obtained after two people get married.


Eighteen (18) years and above.

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1.Before applying, assess eligibility;

2.One or both of the applicants must hold Burundi citizenship;

3.Giving false information may lead to prosecution under the laws of the country;

4.Marriage ceremony can be proceed either in a civil or religious way;

5.There must be at least two witnesses to witness wedding ceremony;

6.Ensure that the tradition marriage procedures have been performed;

7.Obtain the right forms and complete them and accurately;

8.Ensure that all the necessary and appropriate documents are obtained to support application;

9.All documents must be translated into French

10.Always choose the most appropriate way of registering marriage

11.Foreigners must apply for official permission from the Burundian government to marry a citizen of Burundi.

12.Ensure that you are not currently married to anyone else; and

13.Be of good character.

Required Information

  • Full name and address of both applicants
  • Particulars of parents of both applicants
  • Sex and Age
  • Nationality
  • Occupation of applicants
  • Particulars of witnesses to the marriage
  • Residential address of both applicant
  • Date and Place of Marriage


To register a marriage in Burundi, applicants must follow the steps below:-

  • Start by assessing eligibility to find out if you both meet the requirements for getting married in Burundi;
  • If applicants meet the requirements, families of both the groom and bride to be must meet to discuss about requirements for a successful marriage registration of their children. In the meeting the family of the bride to be describes what they need before their child is married off (dowry). The said requirements are then discussed and agreed upon by both families of bride and groom to be.
  • There after an agreement is reached, preparation for the dowry function proceeds. This function is the first official meeting between the two families.
    • The function takes place in the home of the bride to be;
    • The family of the groom visit the family to present the agreed upon dowry;
    • After presentation of dowry, the man and woman are engaged;
    • And a certificate of clearance is given to the couple by the parents of the bride.
  • After the dowry function, the couple can now proceed with the process of registration; registration can be through civil marriage before a monk or religious marriage before a religious leader.
    • However do to the difficult rules attached to a religious (church) marriage; many Burundians have opted for a civil marriage.
    • This begins with notifying the registrar (monk) of the intentions to marry;

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Required Documents

  • Identification documents for the applicants (National identity cards / passport / driving license)
  • Certificate of no impediment
  • Three (3) Passport photos of each applicant
  • Proof of age (Birth Certificates) of both Applicants.
  • Dowry clearance certificate
  • Affidavit of Single Status
  • Divorce certificate (if divorced)
  • Death Certificate (if a partner died)
  • Copy of international yellow fever vaccination license (foreigners)
  • Burundian Marriage Certificate


  • The fees vary basing on where marriage is to be registered, for instance Canadian applicants may pay around $1300 for filling application to government to marry a Burundian and consulate fees may be around $950


  • Burundian Marriage document (dowry clearance) – six (6) months
  • A marriage may become invalid if:
  • One partner dies;
  • Couple gets a divorce; or
  • Agreed duration elapses (civil marriages)

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

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Office Locations & Contacts

1.Burundi diplomatic offices in other countries (embassies, consulate offices or high commissions).

2.Minister of Justice office:

Avenue de justie 21, Bujumbura, Burundi. BP 06

Tel: +257 7899 8888

Fax: +257 78 99 7777


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Information which might help

  • •It is important to note that churches in Burundi do not marry of pregnant women for reasons that the child may be of another parent which may lead cancellation of the marriage, an absolutely inadmissible thing for the Church and the Burundian habit.
  • •Ensure that official marriage / wedding takes place within six (6) months from the date of issuing a Burundian Marriage Certificate. Failure to do so, applicants may be required to apply again with new supporting documents.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

  • •After registration of a marriage, a marriage certificate is issued to prove legality of marriage;
  • •Marriage protects rights of either partners;
  • •It helps the government to keep record of all in the country;
  • •Registered marriages with a foreigner is may help the other to for a permanent residence in the country of nationality of his / her partner;
  • •Foreigners who marry Burundians may apply for citizenship;

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