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If the parents are married to each other, either can register the birth and both parents' names will appear on the Birth Certificate. If the parents were not married at the time of the birth, the father's details will only appear on the birth certificate if both parents go to the register office and sign the register. If the father is unable to attend and wants his name to appear on the certificate, he must make a statutory declaration on a form available from the registrar and this must be taken to the office by the mother.

If neither parent is able to attend the register office within 42 days of the birth, a person who is responsible for the child or who was present at the birth may register the birth. It is not necessary for the child to attend, the hospital informs the District registrar of each birth. Birth certificate is Issued upon written request to the Officer of Vital Statistics (Officier de l'Etat Civil) of the town of birth.

In few occasions single mothers are allowed to register their children without the presence of the father. In Burundi Parents do not consider registration of their children a priority because of “ignorance of their rights and lack of information on the importance of registration.


Every child born in Burundi can be registered.

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  • A name can be changed within two (2) years after registration of Birth
  • Elders who are not registered can apply for late registration but the year of birth must not go beyond 1920.
  • Make sure you have all the supporting documents
  • The person registering should to the best of his / her knowledge give all information required and certify correctness by affixing signature of thumb print to the application form.

Required Information

  • Forename, surname and maiden name if applicable;
  • Place and date of birth;
  • Occupation;
  • Address;
  • Number of other children;
  • Date of marriage, if applicable.

Fathers Information
  • Forename and surname;
  • Place and date of birth;
  • Occupation.
Child information
  • Place and date of birth;
  • Sex;
  • Forename(s) and surname.
  • Before signing the register, check all details.
  • It is very difficult to later change spelling etc


  • In almost all countries around the world, a child is registered immediately after birth or within the first six months.

In Burundi Registration is done by the child's parents or by designated guardians. The Government goes further to stipulate that even if the child dies at birth, he/she must be registered.

  • For you to register a child you need to give out the name of your child, tell whether the child was born alone or was part of multiple births, and give the date and place of birth.
  • you must also give details of the mother. Details of the mother include: name, marital status, age, area of residence, and number of previous births that the mother has had.
  • Once you have given out this information, you are given a birth notification card. The card bears all the information given above.
  • The birth notification card allows you to fill form A1. Once you have filled form A1, you are allowed to apply for the birth certificate. If you have a birth notification card from hospital, you should not fill form A1; you should fill form B1 instead. Once you have filled the forms, you should take the forms to the registry and the registry will give you a card that contains a serial number that you will use to pick your child's birth certificate.
  • The birth certificate takes three weeks to be processed and the entire process is free.

If you are over the age of 18 years and you don't have a birth certificate, you can apply for one from your area sub-chief's office.

  • To apply for the certificate you need to have proof that validates your date of birth. This can be your identity card, baptism card, or a birth notification card from hospital.

Although, it's free to apply the certificate for your child, you need to pay a fee when applying for the certificate as an adult.

This is the process used in getting a birth certificate in Burundi.

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Required Documents

Identification cards like baptism certificate and a notification issued by the village executive officers


  • Marriage certificate Payment is 180 Br F
  • Birth certificates are free if issued within the first 14 days of life, but parents have to pay 30,000 francs (US$21.4) if they register their children later than two weeks after birth.


When a registered person dies the Birth Certificate is invalid

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Processing Time

Certificate is issued after ninety one (91) days.

Office Locations & Contacts

Vital Statistics Records

Birth, Death and Divorce Records

Office to Contact

Officier de l'Etat

Mairie de Bujumbra

B.P. 1790

Bujumbra, Burundi

GN 00312.072 -

Burundi - Vital Statistics Records Avenue des Etats-Unis

B.P. 34, 1720 Bujumbura, Burundi

Tel: (257) 22-34-54

Fax: (257) 22-29-26

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Information which might help

The UN Children's Fund is supporting the registration campaign launched on 16 March in the northern province of Kirundo and organized by the Ministry of Interior and Geste Humanitaire.

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