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Purchasing property refers to buy property. Like in any other country, property is purchased from owners at any time if they wish to sell. The process of purchasing property in the country is not so completed but after purchasing, buyers are advised to also ensure that the purchased property is registered in their names at the Land Registry in order to avoid disputes in future.


Citizens of Burundi

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1.Be aware of fraud in property selling;

2.Ensure that the identified property agent or real estate dealer contacted is authorized to do so in Burundi;

3.When property is identified, endeavor to meet the true owner of property;

4.Ensure that property is available before making any transactions;

5.Find out if there are no disputes on the property to purchase;

6.Always contract a notary / lawyer to help in the purchasing process;

7.Ensure that all transactions are carried out in presence of witnesses;

8.Ensure that surveys used in the transaction process are licensed to do so;

9.Ensure that the sales agreement is signed by both buyer and seller and must be notarized by a notary;

10.Ensure that all taxes relating to buyer and seller are cleared;

11.Tax clearance certificates are applied for in person;

12.The buyer and seller can apply for tax clearances at the same time

Required Information

1.Full name and address of buyer

2.Nationality of buyer

3.Name and address of seller

4.Location of property (place, plot and block number)

5.Property description (size, appearance and features on property)


1.A person who wishes to purchase a property in Burundi should start by finding an appropriate property available for sale.

  • Property can easily be found by contacting real estate dealers or property dealers and in this case, the person who wants to buy land should be very careful as there exists some property frauds in the country;

2.When property is found, the real estate deal / property agent may act on behalf of the owner of property but it is advisable that the rightful owner of property be identified and be involved in the transaction process;

3.The person who wishes to purchase property then proposes an offer for the identified property. In this case, negotiations proceed between buyer and seller and in any case, the seller may accept or reject offer;

4.When offer is accepted by the seller, the buyer goes ahead to verify availability of property and identity of seller.

  • This is done at the property / land registry, where by the seller gives the buyer the property title or they (buyer and seller) go together to the Departement des Titre Foncier for verification.
  • At the department in Registre des Titres Foncier the buyer asks the Conservateur to check if the property is indeed registered in the names of the present owner and also finds out if the property is not presented as security, not hindered by mortgages or has no caveat;

5.When property is found available, the buyer then proceeds with buying property. In this case, a sales agreement is drafted by a lawyer / notary and signed by both parties (the buyer and seller) in his / her (lawyer) presence and in presence of any other witness.

6.After signing the agreement, the buyer can then proceed with transferring property into his / her name which is done at the one-stop shop for the transfert of properties (Guichet unique de transfert de propriété).

The process is as below
  • The applicant (buyer) submits application letter and required documents for transfer of ownership to Land Registry (Département des Titres Fonciers);
  • When documents are submitted, the buyer and seller must obtain tax clearance certificates. These are obtained from the respective municipal representative at the one-stop shop and can only be obtained when applicant has cleared all applicable taxes;
  • At the registry, an authorized expert checks all documents to verify whether the price in the sales contract is the correct one and an authorized expert from the Burundi Revenue Authority (Office Burundais des Recettes, OBR) at the one-stop shop also inspects the property, to help ensure that the stated price in the agreement is not underestimated or overestimated.
  • Thereafter, the authorized expert of the land registry and the authorized expert from the Burundi Revenue Authority (Office Burundais des Recettes, OBR) prepare valuation reports this is rapport d'expertise and rapport de contre-expertise respectively.
  • Rapport d'expertise is then forwarded to the Director of the registry for signature while rapport de contre-expertise is used in the process of issuing tax clearance certificates for both the buyer and seller.

7.Thereafter, the buyer can now proceed with obtaining new title. In this case, the applicant / buyer goes to the Land Registry (Direction des Titres Fonciers) and makes all necessary payments;

8.When payment is made, the Registration Division creates a new title for the buyer.

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Required Documents

1.Identification documents for both seller and buyer

2.Proof of nationality of buyer

3.Payment receipts

4.Notice to the public

5.Original title of the property

6.Letter requesting transferring the property

7.Copy of the 'procès-verbal de bornage' of which the seller should have on

8.Tax Clearance Certificates (Attestation de non redevabilité delivree par les services des impots)


The fees are as below:-

1.Verification of Property at the Land Registry – No fee

2.Preparation of Agreement – BIF 29,000

3.Drafting fee – BIF 10,000

4.Signing original – BIF 7,000

5.Singing other four pages – BIF 3,000 per page

6.Property Transfer – no fees

7.Inspection of property by Land Registry and the Burundi Revenue Authority – BIF 5.000


As long as ownership is not transferred

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

  • Verification of Property at the Land Registry – five (5) days
  • Preparation of Agreement – two (2) days
  • Property Transfer – twelve (12) days
  • Inspection of property by Land Registry and the Burundi Revenue Authority – one (1) day

Office Locations & Contacts

Land Registry (Département des Titres Fonciers),

Minister of Land Management, Environment and Tourism

Avenue ensemble 10, Bujumbura, Burundi. BP 08

Telephone: +257 7712 2223

Fax: +257 7712 2122


The Burundi Revenue Authority (Office Burundais des Recettes, OBR)

B.P 3465 Bujumbura 11 burundi

Telephone: 22276142



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Information which might help

Parties must note that if the price stated in the sales agreement is lower that the estimated value the expert from the Titre Foncier provides an appraisal value, thus the transaction tax is determined and paid basing on the provided appraisal value and not on the agreed price between vendor and buyer.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

1.A person rightfully owns property;;

2.Purchasing property reduces disputes and conflicts;

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