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Motor Vehicle Insurance involves insuring a motor vehicle against any kinds of liability. In Burundi, insurance sector is regulated by the Insurance Regulation and Control Agency under the Ministry of Finance; and insurance policies issued by insurance companies in the country. Motor vehicle insurance in Burundi is compulsory and enforcement is by ministry of transport together with police.


Owners of motor vehicles

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1.Applicants must know that motor vehicle insurance is compulsory in Burundi;

2.Always endeavor to obtain insurance from a recognized and reliable insurance company;

3.Choose an insurance policy is in line with the liabilities you would want to insure a company against;

4.Know the liabilities covered and those that are not cover under a chosen policy;

5.Be aware of fraud;

6.Make sure receipts are issued upon any payments made;

7.Ensure that an insurance certificate is obtained at the end of the process;

Required Information

  1. Details of ownership of the motor vehicle;
  2. Type of motor vehicle
  3. Chassis and engineer number of vehicle
  4. Motor vehicle registration number
  5. Purpose of vehicle for which it is to be insured;
  6. Any other purposes for the vehicle other than the class to be insured of;


1.To obtain a motor vehicle insurance company, a motor vehicle owner should start by selecting the most appropriate insurance policy that suits his needs. This is done by making a decision on which liabilities he / she may wish to be covered in the process of insuring motor vehicle;

2.When an insurance policy is decided upon, the applicant then proceeds with identifying an appropriate and reliable insurance company from which to obtain the insurance policy. In this case, the applicant may visit several insurance companies (a list of such may be viewed at, make a comparison and thereafter selects the one that he / she sees as most suitable;

3.Then after choosing an insurance company, the applicant goes to any nearby branch of the chosen company and proceeds with the process of acquiring insurance. In this case:,-

  • He she submits required documents together with application for the desired insurance policy;
  • When documents are submitted, they are reviewed to assess eligibility of applicant;
  • If found eligible, the applicant is required to make all necessary payments (basing on the chosen insurance company); and
  • Thereafter a certificate of insurance is issued.

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Required Documents

1.Applicant’s identification documents;

2.Log book

3.Payment slips;


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


Usually valid for one (1) year

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

About a week

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Finance


BP 1830, Burundi

Ministry of Transport, Post and Communications

Rohero, Boulevard Patrice Lumumba,

Immeuble de la Régie Nationale des

Postes, 2ème Etage,

BP: 2000 Burundi

Telephone No.: +257 22253570 / 22 253571,

Fax: +257 22226900


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Other uses of the Document/Certificate

1.Insurance caters for any liabilities that may relate to any insured motor vehicle;

2.In cases of accidents where a vehicle is insured, losses are likely to be recovered;

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