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A voter’s card authorizes a person to participate in the elections of a given country. In Burundi, the National Independent Electoral Commission (Commission électorale nationale indépendante; CENI) is the electoral management body responsible for issuing the voter’s card.


Citizens of Burundi eighteen (18) years and above

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1.Applicants must be eligible to vote in the country;

2.Always try to obtain a voter’s card in the given period of time;

3.Applicants are argued register at convenient polling station where they shall be voting from at the time of elections;

4.Always seek assistance from electoral commission offices if not sure of what to fill on a registration form;

Required Information

1.Name and address of applicant;

2.Sex, age and marital;

3.Date and Place of birth;

4.Place of Birth

5.Place of residence

6.Nationality of applicant;

7.Particulars of parents


To obtain a voter’s card in Burundi, a person must register with the National Independent Electoral Commission (Commission électorale nationale indépendante; CENI). In order to register, an applicant must do the following:-

1.An applicant must start by going to any nearby offices of the National Independent Electoral Commission (Commission électorale nationale indépendante – CENI) to find out what is required in order to successfully register. The electoral commission registration offices are situated at polling stations in communes;

2.When the information about requirements is obtained, prepare all required documents, make copies and go back to the nearby National Independent Electoral Commission office;

3.At the office, obtain a registration form from the electoral commission officer and fill it carefully and accurately;

4.Submit filled form and copies of required documents to the electoral commission registration officer;

5.The voter’s card is then issued to the applicant after a given period of time.

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Required Documents

1.Birth certificate

2.Proof of Nationality (Identification Documents)


Voter registration is free of charge


The voters card is valid for 4 years

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

Processing takes 30 working days

Office Locations & Contacts

The National Independent Electoral Commission

(Commission électorale nationale indépendante; CENI)

Ngagara, Q.Industriel, Blv de l’OUA, RUE NYANKONI

B.P. 1128 Bujumbura

Telephone No.: 22 27 44 64 - 22 27 44 62

E-mail: /


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Information which might help

At the end of the registration period, the registered voters’ details are compiled on a roll by the electoral commission officers and availed to public for inspection. The information is availed at commune and provincial levels and copies of the voters rolls are given to political parties if requested for. Applicants are advised to always check the rolls to ensure that they were registered and that all the information displayed is right; if there are errors in the displayed information, an applicant can go back to the electoral commission offices for correction;

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

1.A voter’s card can be used as an identification document for a person;

2.It provides basic information about the hold;

3.A voter’s card proves nationality of the holder;

4.The registration data is used by government in effective and efficient planning processes;

5.Registration process provides relevant information that is used by local institutions and international bodies;

6.The registration process helps the government in determining population size and determine the differences in population based on sex and age;

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