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A passport is a document, issued by the national government. It certifies the identity and nationality of the holder for travel abroad. It contains information about the holder; like name, gender, date and place of birth. A biometric passport, contains an electronic "carrier" data. There is a chip hidden inside the passport in which the biometric data of the passport holder is stored.

Burundi introduced the new biometric passport through Ministerial Order No. 215/224 (Ordnance ministerial no 215/224) of 2 March 2011 (Burundi n.d.a). This was according to the news release of 14 August 2012 issued by the Embassy of Burundi in the United Kingdom, the government of Burundi issues only biometric passports.

The Ministry of Public Security (Ministère de la Sécurité publique) is responsible for issuing the biometric passports, and the Police for Air, Borders and Foreigners (Police de l'Air, des Frontières et des Étrangers, PAFE) is responsible for processing passport applications Sources state that biometric passports must be obtained at the PAFE office in Bujumbura, the capital of Burund.

Following are procedures on how to apply for a biometric passport.


All Citizen of Burundi are Eligible.

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The procedures for obtaining a biometric passport must be done in person.

It is not possible to apply by proxy.

To obtain a biometric passport, the applicant must present his or her birth certificate.

Employees of the government of Burundi must submit an attestation of service (attestation de service), in addition to the other documents required to obtain the biometric passport. Minor

An applicant who is a minor must submit their birth certificate, as well as their father's passport and their father's legal authorization stating that the minor applicant has his permission to apply for a passport.

A minor applicants who live with their mother must submit their birth certificate, their mother's passport, their mother's legal authorization, as well as a [translation] "household composition" document (composition de ménage), an official document that proves that the mother is the head of the family, or a certificate of divorce to show that the mother is the head of the family (ibid.).

Required Information

  • Certificate of Burundi nationality
  • Extract of birth certificate
  • Photocopy of the national identity or the original administrative certificate identity card
  • Photocopy of the national identity card or certificate of identity of one of the parents
  • Extract of marriage certificate (for married women)
  • For minors, parental consent legalized
  • Proof of payment of passport fees


Application forms may be obtained from the following:

  • Application and issuing centers.
  • Deputy Police Directorate of Air and Border
  • National Police Website
  • Internet Dealership Website
  • Bank Branches where you can pay the passport fee
  • Fill in the application form and pay the passport fee at any designated banks.
  • Make sure that you collect your receipt and take note of your transaction number.
  • Go to the application and issuing center of your choice and submit your application along with all other required documents.
  • Authorities will verify all documents that you have submitted.
  • Once the police finished verifying the documents and your application is approved they will issue the passport.
Burundians Living Outside Burundi.

If a Burundian living abroad wants to return to Burundi but his or her non-biometric passport has expired, the person must obtain a laissez-passer, in lieu of a passport, from the embassy of Burundi in the country of residence (ibid.). This laissez-passer, which costs 10 EUR, will enable the person to return to Burundi (ibid.).

Extension of Passport Validity while outside Burundi.

Passports bearing a digital image that have not yet expired, remain valid until their expiry date (Burundi n.d.a). An extension of passport validity may be granted to diplomats, to their families and to Burundian students who were already outside the country on 2 March 2011 (the date the biometric passport was introduced) and who have not yet returned to Burundi (ibid.). To be granted this extension, bearers must submit a substantiated ("motivée") application for extension to the office of the Burundian Ministry of Public Security, who will then decide on the necessity and the length of the extension.

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Required Documents

  • Two passport photos;
  • A photocopy of the national identity card [the CNI (Burundi 10 Mar. 2014)];
  • Old passport (if the applicant has one);
  • Complete attestation of identity; and
  • Attestation of birth (for applicants born before 1980), or an extract of the birth certificate (for applicants born after 1980) (ibid. 28 Feb. 2014).
  • a photocopy of the national identity card (upon presentation of the original);
  • an attestation of recognition [of Burundian nationality (Burundi 19 Mar. 2014)] issued by the embassy of Burundi in the applicant's country of residence;
  • a consular card issued by the embassy of Burundi in the country of residence;
  • a photocopy of the old, expired digital passport for those who had one (upon presentation of the original);
  • a passport photo; and
  • the full address of place of residence (ibid. 27 June 2013).
In the case of an application made for a minor, the following documents were required
  • a photocopy of the extract of the birth certificate (upon presentation of the original);
  • an attestation of recognition or a consular card issued by the embassy of Burundi in the country of residence;
  • a passport photo;
  • a photocopy of the expired digital passport for those who had one (upon presentation of the original);
  • photocopies of the parents' identity documents; and
  • the full address of the place of residence (ibid.).

Applicants under 16 years of age had to be accompanied by one of their parents, who had to show identification (ibid.).

To obtain a biometric diplomatic passport, in addition to the documents required to obtain a biometric regular passport, applicants have to present a note verbale from the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation (Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Coopération international).

Possibility of Obtaining a Biometric Passport from Outside Burundi.
  • The procedure for obtaining a biometric passport must be carried out in Burundi and that Burundi's embassies and consulates are not authorized to process applications for the biometric passport until further notice, Biometric passports are issued in Burundi (n.d.d).
  • If biometric passports were to be processed abroad, a PAFE team from Burundi would go for a certain period of time to carry out the procedure in the Burundian foreign embassy.


  • The fee for a biometric regular passport is 135,000 BIF (ibid.).
  • Applicants who chose to have their passport delivered to their homes are charged a postage fee of 10 euros (EUR).


Remain valid until the expiry date that appears in them. According to the information provided by the Embassy of Burundi, there is no specific date by which Burundians must replace their regular passports with biometric passports.

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Processing Time

It takes a period of 3 months

Office Locations & Contacts

Minister of Interior and Public Security


Interior ministers office:

Rue de ici 75, Bujumbura, Burundi. BP 05

Tel: +257 7812 2121

Fax: +257 78 12 1111


PAFE is located at Bujumbura, Burundi.

You can contact PAFE with telephone number +257 22 22 32 74

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Information which might help

  • According to information provided by the Embassy of Burundi , since the introduction of the biometric passport, [translation] "anyone who is in Burundi must travel with this passport"
  • A Burundian living abroad can return to Burundi with their old passport, as long as it has not expired, but they will not be able to leave Burundi without replacing it with a biometric passport on their next travel.

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