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Importing goods involves bring goods in to a given country from another. In Burundi importation of goods is controlled by government through the Burundi Revenue Authority (Office Burundais des Recettes, OBR)


A person with all requirements for importation in to the country can import at any time.

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1.Ensure that the goods to be imported meet the required stand of goods in Burundi;

2.An importer must be ready to respect rules and regulations of the customs authority;

3.An importer must be aware of restricted and prohibited goods

4.Importers are advised to always enter goods through the correct procedures

5.Endeavor to declare all goods to be imported as errors and omissions may penalized;

6.Make sure that all payments for all applicable customs charges are made;

7.Always keep record of all commercial documents as they may be requested for by the customs at any time;

8.If an import is not conversant with the importation procedures, he / she is advised to seek advices or contact a clearing agent to assist in the clearing process;

9.Reporting of arrival of good can be made on a prescribed form or may be made in an electronic manner;

10.In most cases where reports are submitted electronically, the report is required to

11.2) Where a report is made in an electronic manner in accordance with sub-regulation submit the transcript within a given period of time;

12.Ensure that a submitted transcript meets requirements;

13.Importers must ensure that all pages of submitted declaration reports are signed by the importer or his / her agent;

14.Also number and put together all pages of the declaration;

Required Information

1.Name and address of importer

2.Particulars of goods to be imported (the type name, the quality and quantity of goods being imported)

3.Purchase cost of good

4.Manufacturer of the good to be imported

5.Country of export


1.Traders who wish to import goods to Burundi should start by finding out the requirements of becoming a successful importer in the country. This is done by visiting and making consultation at the Burundi customs office the Burundi Revenue Authority (Office Burundais des Recettes, OBR);

2.When the above information is obtained, the applicant should proceed with preparing the required documents and where necessary obtain licenses, permits and certificates. The documents required caries basing on the type of goods to be imported as some goods require special permits whereas so do not;

3.When good have arrived, and the applicant / importer is done with preparation of document, he / she then proceeds with customs clearance and technical control. Upon arrival, the goods are declared to the authority at the port or place of arrival.

This is done by either the master of the vessel or master of an aircraft (depending on the means of transport used) who obtains an appropriate form, fills it accurately and submits it together with required documents to the authority;

4.When goods are declared, port and terminal handling proceeds. Here goods are handled to authorities at the entry point for clearing. In this case the goods in the vessel are cross check and verified against the submitted documents;

5.Thereafter there is inland transportation and handling. The goods are transported to a warehouse / store as they await for the import to clear customs duties;

6.When duties are cleared, the importer can then take the goods to his store;

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Required Documents

  1. Importer’s registration certificate
  2. Proof of importer’s identify (passport, national identity card or drivers license)
  3. Commercial invoice
  4. Bill of lading
  5. Certificate of origin
  6. Customs import declaration
  7. Delivery order
  8. Gate Pass (at Tanzania Port)
  9. Import license (DII)
  10. Packing list
  11. Transit document (T1)
  12. Tax certificate (attestation OBR)


Approximately US$ 4,420 as detailed below:-

  • Preparation of documents – US$ 430
  • Clearing goods at the customs department and technical control – US$ 150
  • Handling goods at the ports and terminal – US$ 540
  • Inland transportation and handling – US$ 3,300


As long as importer meets the requirements

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

About forty six (46) days as divided below: -

  • Preparation of documents – 14 days
  • Clearing goods at the customs department and technical control – 5 days
  • Handling goods at the ports and terminal – 10 days
  • Inland transportation and handling – 17 days

Office Locations & Contacts

The Burundi Revenue Authority (Office Burundais des Recettes, OBR)

B.P 3465 Bujumbura 11 Burundi

Telephone: 22276142



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Other uses of the Document/Certificate

1.Importation increases goods on the market;

2.There are new products introduced on the market through importation;

3.It reducing hiking prices of locally produced products in cases where the same are imported;

4.It promotes international trade;

5.Government receives revenue through taxation;

6.Jobs are created as foreigners set companies to import in the country.

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