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The Tuition Deferment Fund allows Burundi students to attend their Education and pay later when they are employed and earning an income.The TDF covers most of the costs of attending institution.while Students are responsible for paying a small portion of tuition themselves.

The Enrolled students pay 30% of their tuition at the beginning of each semester, and Tuition deferment Fund pays the remaining 70% each semester until after graduation. While attending school, students make quarterly service fee payments, which are reinvested in the program to keep it running.

Balance is due in increments over 2 years following graduation. Grace periods are available for graduates who need more time to launch their careers. With less pressure to owe full tuition upfront, students are freed of the burden of constant financial concern so that they may focus on their academics.


i) All eligible and poor needy students who wished to attend higher education are Eligible to request for Tuition Deferment Fund.
ii) Must be a Burundian or a Rwandan Student
iii) Must have applied for a loan through TDF
iv)) Must have been admitted into a fully accredited/registered Higher Learning Institution as a candidate for a Higher Diploma /First Degree on full time basis through Central Admission System (CAS) or other accepted system in programmes.
v) Must be a continuing student who has passed the examinations necessary to enable him/her to advance to the next year or stage of study.
vi)Must be a person who is not fully funded by other organizations or sources
vii)Students in all 3 academic years are eligible.

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i)Applicants can defer up to 70% of tuition.
ii)Borrowers must be will to pay below-market service fees.
iii)Balance is due in increments over 2 years following graduation.
iv)Grace periods are available for graduates who need more time to launch their careers.
v)Deferments do not cover your registration deposit and application fees.
vi)Students are responsible for checking their fee due dates.

Required Information

i)Completed application form
ii) Secondary school diploma
iii) Record of academic excellence for last two years
iv) Intermediate English skills
v) National exam results
vi) Akilah admissions exam results
vii) Passion & potential to succeed


The Process for applying a Student Tuition Deferment Fund is as follows:

Step 1. complete the application form online by visiting the the Akilah website

Before you start with how to apply for student tuition Deferment Fund, you need to have an idea of the different types of financial aid options that helps students to pay for their portion of tuition. As different Funds have different terms and conditions, you should find out the eligibility requirements, cover, rate of interest, repayment plan options, quarterly service fee payments and total cost offered by Deferment fund program before applying for a student tuition deferment Fund.

You can do this by contacting Akilah staff to identify a financial aid option that will best suits your academic needs once have been admitted for a course in Akilah.Usually the total tuition for the year is around $3,500 per year of which the deferment fund covers 70% of tuition in Burundi and the Enrolled students pay the remaining 30% of their tuition at the beginning of each semester. Usually the grant level to be granted in each academic year is fixed and paid every semester.

Step 2 print out the application form and sign the Fund Agreement.

Candidates wishing to apply for Tuition Deferment Fund are advised to apply through Online Application System, print out the application form and sign the fund Agreement, Student Applicants are advised to maintain a copy of the application form and the receipt used for mailing the application for subsequent purposes of tracking the application form.

Step 3 Attach the the required documents on the application form

First time applicants shall be required to attach their admission letter and two (2) duly endorsed recent passport-sized photographs, to the completed application form before submission. sign the same, attach the necessary documentations and submit to the Board through a EMS or registered mail to visit Akilah website

Step 4 Pay the Application Fees:

Only student out side Burundi and Rwanda are required to pay a one time application fee, and it is non-refundable one-off application fee. Akilah applicants must have demonstrated potential for success and passion for their interests and exhibit an eagerness to make a positive impact in their community and country before applying for this type of Funding.

Step 5 Submit the form for approval and Further processing:

Submit your application with all the required documents.After selection,the Akilah Board shall allocate a student Tuition Fund financial aid file numbers to each approved applicant. The registration for approved student can now wait for the completion of the File aid may be eligible for a tuition deferment fund until the funds have been awarded.

Step 6 Tuition is due immediately after the completion of the registration.

The student is required to pay a quarterly Tuition service fee payments immediately after registration , which are reinvested in the program to keep it running.Then the Balance is due in increments over 2 years following graduation. Grace periods are available for graduates who need more time to launch their careers. If you If you’ve been awarded grants, Please check your registration within 7 days to make sure tuition has been paid on your behalf. If not, contact the Akilah Financial Aid office immediately.

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Required Documents

i)A Formal Written Request Applying for Scholarship.
ii)Written Report about Benefits you intend to benefit from the Scholarship.
iii)A Recommendation Letter from the Kazoza Finance.
iv)Copy of their Final Grade Reports.
v)Admission letter from Akilah Burundi or Rwanda.


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


valid for one year and a renewal is required upon satisfaction.

Documents to Use

Please attach documents that can be used by people. e.g. links

Sample Documents

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Processing Time

processing is 2-4 weeks

Office Locations & Contacts

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e.g In the following url "" Video ID is "Y0US7oR_t3M". 

Information which might help

Students’ portion of tuition amounts to just $500 per year in Rwanda and $250 per year in Burundi.

A modest sum, this nonetheless imposes a significant financial burden. To alleviate this financial stress without taking away ownership over their future, the TDF allows students to attend now and pay later when they are employed and earning an income.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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