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A Burundi visa is a stamp or endorsement that Burundi officials place on a passport to allow a foreigner to enter the country. A Burundian tourist visa is given to a person who wishes to travel to the country for purposes of tour and leisure for a restricted period of time. The authorized agencies for the issuance of visas are Director General of the Police force of the Air, the Borders and Abroad or the Embassies, high commissions or consulates of Burundi in foreign countries.


Any person who wishes to enter Burundi for purposes of leisure for instance pay visits to relatives / friends; attending conferences, seminars or meetings; unpaid participation in athletic or performing arts events or competitions

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1. Ensure that the passport you hold is valid and has a blank visa page;

2. No visitor shall be allowed to enter the country without a visa;

3. Must enter through approved / legal points of entry;

4. Submitted passports must have at least six months validity period;

5. Beware of the laws of the country;

6. Must not enter with dangerous substances / materials;

7. Must have enough funds to take you through the period of stay in the country;

8. holders if tourist visas must not engage in any paid activity in the country;

9. To enter the country for purposes of conferencing services provided must not be paid by any company / organizations in Burundi, except reimbursement for expenses or per diem allowance;

10. Applications must be submitted in form of two (2) copies;

11. A granted visa must be used within a period of two (2) months from the date of issuance.

Required Information

1. Name and address of applicant

2. Sex, Age and marital status

3. Nationality / country of origin

4. Travel dates

5. Reason for visiting Burundi

6. Period of stay in the country

7. Particulars of spouse or dependants to travel with if any (name, number, passport details and age)

8. Financial capacity of applicant

9. Details of host person in Ghana / hotel details (where applicant will be staying while in Ghana)


1.Visit any nearby authorized office that issues Burundi visas (Burundi embassy, consulate office or high commission in home or neighbouring country) and find out the regulations and requirements for the visa you would want to apply for;

2.Assess if you are eligible for the visa or not.

3.If you are eligible, obtain a visa application form from the immigration office. The application form may also be downloaded from *websites of different immigration office (Burundi embassy, consulate office or high commission) websites.

4. After obtaining the application form, fill it carefully and accurately, and ensure that date and signature are inserted on the form after completing;

5. Prepare all required documents. If copies are not in French, make sure that they are translated and certified as true copies.

6. Make all necessary payments;

7. Attach the documents plus the payment receipts on to the completed application form; and

8. Submit application to the Burundi embassy, consulate office or high commission.

Apply Online

  • USA residents can also apply on line by visiting and complete the visa application steps;
  • The applicant is supposed to fill the form displayed under step A;
  • After filling in requirements for the visa selected in step A above shall be displayed under step B;
  • Go through to find out if you have all the required documents, if not process them;
  • Thereafter on the same page – proceed by click on the prompt “Order Your

Visa Online”. Clicking will lead you to

  •,do.application,conn.ssl where a visa application form shall be displayed;
  • An applicant then fills the form and submits it.
  • The system takes you through the application process thereafter; and
  • After completing the online application, an applicant must mails the required documents listed in step B to the immigration office.
  • USA Applicant can also apply for a Burundi tourist visa by visiting
  • and click on the prompt apply online. Clicking on the prompt leads the applicant to an application form that he / she is supposed to fill.
  • After filling the first page, the applicant must click on the prompt save and continue; by clicking that, the system takes the applicant to the next step and after completing it, he she must repeat the process (must click on the prompt save and continue).
  • The system will automatically take him / her through the stage up to the submission stage.

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Required Documents

1. A valid travel document (for you and whoever is traveling with you)

2. Health Certificate (for you and whoever is traveling with you)

3. Two (2) recent passport-size photos

4. Invitation letter from family / friend in Ghana

5. Return air ticket(s)

6. Certified copies translated documents,

7. Letter of consent from the parent, and a copy of parent`s photo ID (for children under 18 years).

8. Proof of sufficient funds (A bank statement)

9. Marriage certificate (if you are travelling with spouse)

10. Proof of relationship with dependants (if any)

11. Proof of hotel reservation(s) for cases of tourists;


The Burundi tourist visa fees vary basing on where it is acquires the fees are approximately as follows:- 1.Tourist Single/Multiple entry visa valid for up to 90 days – $90 2.Emergency / rush (to be issued within 24 to 48 hours) - $120 3.USA Passport Holders

  • -Tourist Single and Multiple Entry Visas valid for thirty (30) days – ranges between $90 – $95
  • -Tourist Single and Multiple Entry Visas valid for up to sixty (60) days – ranges between $180 – $185
  • -Consular fees – ranges between $49 - $79
  • -Non-US Passport Holders
  • -Tourist Single and Multiple entries valid up to thirty (30) days – $40
  • -Tourist Single and Multiple entries valid up to sixty (60) days – $80


  • Two (2) months or 60 days
  • Three (3) months / Ninety (90) days (for those with diplomatic passports

Documents to Use

Please attach documents that can be used by people. e.g. links

Sample Documents

Sample application form may be viewed at or can be downloaded from

Processing Time

Time varies it’s between two (2) to fifteen (15)

Office Locations & Contacts

Minister of External Relations and International Cooperation Mrs. Antoinette BATUMUBWIRA

Foreign ministers office:

Rue de etranger 65, Bujumbura, Burundi. BP 04

Tel: +257 7810 2020

Fax: + 257 7810 3030


1.Ministre des Relations Extérieures et de la Coopération Internationale

Avenue de la liberté, Bujumbura, Burundi



2.Burundi embassy, consulate office or high commission can be viewed at

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Videos explaining the procedure or to fill the applications. 
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sevenload, viddler, vimeo, youku, youtube
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e.g In the following url "" Video ID is "Y0US7oR_t3M". 

Information which might help

1.Citizens of Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya do not require a visa to enter Burundi but must have a valid passport issued by their respective countries.

2.An applicant who does not sufficient means of existence may be denied entry into the country:

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

1. As foreigners enter the country, the government earns additional revenue;

2. Visa holders are free to move freely in the country;

3. The relationship between Burundi and the country of the visitor is strengthened

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