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All motor vehicles and trailers in Bulgaria designed for road traffic (except trolley, chain, construction and self-propelled agricultural machinery) must be registered with the Traffic Police. Each registered vehicle shall be issued a registration certificate and registration plates.


A vehicle can be registered by every Bulgarian, EU citizen and lawful resident alien, company, as well as state and municipalities.

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When buying a vehicle there are numbers of obligations arising in connection with its registration. They differ depending on whether you buy a new import vehicle or not.

  • If you buy already registered vehicle you are obligated to provide the Traffic Police at you permanent address a copy of the contract with the seller’s data within 2 weeks after the purchase. The purchase of a registered motor vehicle generally does not require change of the license plates.

But if decide you need new ones then you can get it.

  • When you buy a new import vehicle, then you'll have to go through the entire registration procedure.

Required Information

  • contract for the purchase
  • liability insurance on your name that is not expired
  • tax paid
  • ID card
  • The title of the car


  • Register your vehicle within 14 days of the purchase in Traffic Police at your permanent address.
  • A detailed technical inspection of the vehicle by a specialist is performed. If you pass a protocol is issued.
  • Pay eco-tax.
  • Present the necessary documents.
  • Pay a fee which is collected in the Ministry of Interior according Tariff № 4 of the Stamp Duty Act (6lv.).
  • After payment of this fee is issued a registration certificate (major and minor slip).
  • You get license plates.

You also must pay in advance for your license plates. They must be attached the front and back (or just behind) the vehicle, perpendicular to the median longitudinal plane of the vehicle and when it is impossible-on the left side, to ensure its visibility and illumination at night. During the attachment should not be distorted the form of the plate, the integrity of the graphic symbols and numbers.

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Required Documents

  • Application for registration
  • A receipt for paid vehicle taxes
  • Liability insurance
  • Identity card of the new owner(authorized person if it is a company vehicle)
  • The old license plates and registration certificate.

Note: If one of the license plates is lost or destroyed, the owner shall submit hand-written statement. In the absence of two license plates they are declared wanted by Regional Police Department and an official notice is issued to the owner.


  • 76 lv-if you would like to change the license plates
  • 35 lv –If you don’t want the license plates changed

In case the vehicle is a new import you must pay and between 250-280lv eco-tax depending on the location.


There is no expiration date of vehicle registration in Bulgaria.

Documents to Use

Please attach documents which can be used by people who would like to follow this procedure.    

Sample Documents

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Processing Time

It should take less than an hour to register your vehicle.

Office Locations & Contacts

Please follow the link below for Traffic Police offices and contact info where the vehicle registration is performed:

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Information which might help

If you use license plates and/or documents issued not according the established order or when they have expired Traffic Police confiscates them and you are subject to a fine.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

You can use the vehicle registration in case you need to present a proof of property ownership or some other cases.

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