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We hold no responsibility: disclaims liability for any damages that arise from interactions, transactions and sort of abuse or any illegality that arises between the user of this website ( and the agents (sponsored contacts) that are listed to be contacted for making the application for helping with the procedure.

We only display the agent (sponsored contacts) information in the website because we believe they provide the service under which they are listed. We don’t have any contract or legal binding with the agents (sponsored contacts). It’s the user’s responsibility to make sure they take full care when dealing with the agents (sponsored contacts).

We recommend the following:

  1. Please don’t give any fees or payment to the agents (sponsored contacts), before making the application. But in some cases the agents (sponsored contacts) may request money in advance which you have to decide to pay or not to pay after consulting with the agent (sponsored contacts).
  2. is not responsible for any fees or payment disputes that arises between the agent (sponsored contacts) and the user of this website (
  3. Make sure the agents (sponsored contacts) are legitimate before making any payments or before providing any personal document, legal documents or any documents with sensitive information. We do check the legitimately of the agents (sponsored contacts), but we are very confined to checking to the fullest extent.